Do You Have To Go To Film School To Make Movies?

Do You Have To Go To Film School To Make Movies?

If you want to be successful in your chosen career you have to put your heart and have a great interest and passion for whatever path or decisions you will be going. There is no easy way in life or shortcuts to be successful. You need to consider a lot of things and sacrifice for those dreams so you can achieve them. Many successful people today did numerous trials and errors before they reach the number one spot and be the top on their game. Facebook, is one of those applications that is widely used by all of us. The creator, Mark Zuckerberg made a lot of trials and errors building numerous applications before they successfully created Facebook. He even went to one of the most prestigious universities in the United States which is Harvard University.

Like any other job or any industry you are in right now for sure to be successful you need to somehow go to school and learn the things that you need to know on your chosen path. Filming a movie is really hard and tedious career, but if and even if you really want to be part of this career then having greater knowledge in films is really a must. Few have an inborn talent in doing this job and their interest is unexplainable. Steven Spielberg is one of the people who really have an admirable and brilliant talent in films.

 He took up B.A. in Film Production and Electronic Arts with an option in Film/Video Production and graduated with high honors at the University of Southern California. He started working at Universal Studios as an intern. He did it willingly and out of passion and love for the arts even without being paid. Now he is the person behind these favorite movies that we use to watch in our favorite channels and cinemas around the globe. Here are a few:

 •            The Wolf of Wall Street 2013

•             Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 2017

•             Men in Black: International 2019

•             The Turning 2020

So as we go along to whatever career path or journey we are taking school is really important for us to be successful and nurture our talents and gift. In the movie industry school has a big part of your career and success without it you may fail and not be like Steven Spielberg who made an awesome and forgiving life in the movie industry.

How Many Batman Movies Have There Been?

How Many Batman Movies Have There Been?

Today, one of the most famous genres that people love to spend time with is fictional adventures, action and fantasy where superheroes are usually the main character of the movie.

One of the most successful superhero movies is Batman. It appeared in published American comic books and various films since then. Throughout the years, because of the people who accept and embrace the movie directors and producers were inspired to continue making sequels and even another story about the superhero.

There have been 11 films in theaters that have something to do with the superhero character. The following movie titles are listed below with its corresponding year of release and era. And also to show you what is the correct order when planning to watch the movie. Note that the list only contains the movies; it doesn’t include those animated theatrical films.

1. 1960s

1.a Batman (1966)

 It was directed by Leslie H. Martinson with Adam West as the main superhero character.

2. Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher series

2.1 Batman (1989)

In this movie, Tim Burton was the director and the main character was played by Michael Keaton. The film was greatly known by having $400 million of its box office and left the world with a legacy of superhero films.

2.2 Batman Returns (1992)

It is still directed by Tim Burton, and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. The film earned a total of $266.83 million box office making it in sixth-highest worldwide last 1992.

2.3 Batman Forever (1995)

It is directed by Joel Schumacher and with a new Bruce Wayne character which is Val Kilmer.

2.4 Batman and Robin (1997)

Val Kilmer was replaced by George Clooney and was still directed by Joel Schumacher.

3. The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012)

3.1 Batman Begins (2005)

It is directed by Christopher Nolan and starred Christian Bale as the protagonist.

3.2 The Dark Knight (2008)

Christopher Nolan continued his role as the director and still Christian Bale as Batman.

3.3 The Dark Knight Rises ( 2012)

This is the movie that completes Nolan’s trilogy.

4. DC Extended Universe (2016-present)

4.1 Batman vs. Superman (2016)

This movie is after the 2013’s Man of Steel and was directed by Zack Snyder. The superhero role was played by Ben Affleck.

4.2 Suicide Squad (2016)

It is also an American superhero film where Ben Affleck appears as Bruce Wayne.

4.3 Justice League (2017)

It is a comic superhero team of the same names and was made into a movie with Zack Snyder as the director.

Movie Copyrights: How They Affect Ordinary Viewers

Movie Copyrights: How They Affect Ordinary Viewers

Copyrights are a difficult issue to discuss intelligently in today’s internet-driven, social media-fueled world. It’s hard to know when a copyright affects you, someone else, or no one at all. It’s even harder to find who can rightfully profit from a copyright than not.

In the movie industry, copyright issues are slightly more straightforward, as the copyright is set long before the movie enters the public domain. However, the use and expansion of those copyrights may not be in the best interest of all consumers.

Movie Copyrights: Who They’re For

Movie copyrights, unless otherwise specified, belong first to the individual or entity that creates or makes arrangements for the movie in question. Most commonly, this goes to the individual producer or the backing production company. Occasionally, this may be the broadcaster who commissions the film.

What Does This Mean for You?

Some make the argument that copyrights protect consumers by making sure the industry is able to keep their jobs up. However, the global box office worth of 2018 is valued at almost $42 billion, while the global film industry for the same year fell around $136 billion, so…

Realistically, what copyrights mean for the average consumer is:

  • Higher prices at the movie theater (theaters make 40% of their money on marked up concessions)
  • You can’t show a movie for entertainment if you charge admission or allow “the general public” watch
  • Teachers technically can’t show films in classrooms if they aren’t for the purpose of academic learning (remember when you watched Tangled instead of learning English? Illegal.)
  • Bars, public libraries, gyms, childcare centers…anywhere that shows a movie must first obtain (read: pay for) a public license to show the content

Movie copyrights, in short, affect the average consumer by limiting their ability to enjoy their shows without someone, or several people, paying for it first. A website like 123Movies lets you circumvent those ridiculous prices by shielding your movies for you – completely free of charge.

The Movies Critics Have Chosen As The Best Dramas Of All Time

The Movies Critics Have Chosen As The Best Dramas Of All Time

There are a lot of movies that were great and have many critics at all times. It has been natural to people that after watching a movie, there will be critics on the story. As people who love the cinematic genre, there will always have been reviews and critics after they watched a movie especially when they were watching their favorite and best drama.

For some of the cinematic genre, “drama”, here are some lists that are compiled based on each movie which hast the most critics of all time.

  • One of the best dramas that has the most critics is Beauty and the Beast. The said movie is directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. It was a story by a young woman named Belle and an arrogant young prince who turned into a hideous beast and his castle’s servants fall under a spell of a wicked enchantress and only he learns to love and be loved in return, the spell will break and made them all back to normal. Some critics say that this Disney animated movie features main characters that who stands at the pinnacle of animated accomplishment, even when it is weighted against the excellencies of its lineage. In over 100-point critics, the movie is in the 95 scores of critics.
  • Gravity was one of the most critic dramas of all time and the movie is directed by Alfonso Cuaron. The movie talks about the space where they have a mission to accomplished where Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock, who is a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission together with Matt Kowalski, played by George Clooney, who is an astronaut in the movie. At that time, during a routine spacewalk together, a disaster strikes with them where their shuttle was destroyed and leaving them stranded in deep space with no link to Earth and the scariest part is that they have no hope of rescue. As their fear turns to panic, Dr. Ryan and astronaut Matt Kowalski realize that the only way home may be a venture further into the deep space where they are. Some critics say that the movie was a stunning space saga that makes them take off to a new technical frontier without leaving its humanity behind. In over 100-point critics, the movie is in the 96 scores of critics.
  • Another drama that has the most critics is the recent trending movie, Parasite. The movie is all about having greed and class discrimination in the society where it threatens a newly formed symbiotic relationship between some families, the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim Clan family and the movie was directed by Bong Joon-ho. Some of the critics told that the movie begins in the exhilaration that ends in devastation but the triumph of the most trend movie is that it fully lives and breathes at the moment even when you find yourself struggling to exhale because of being so thrilling. In over 100-point critics, the movie is in the 96 scores of critics.
Unsung Heroes On A Movie Set: The Grips

Unsung Heroes On A Movie Set: The Grips

There are numerous film projects and movies who just rely on the skills and expertise of the unsung heroes of a movie, the grips. In this article, you will find out why unsung heroes are so essential on a film set. To make it more clear, here is the exact definition of the “grips”.

What is a Grip?

A grip works with the camera operators and electrical department while designing the plan for every set.  Meanwhile, the key grip works with the directors such as photography director, light director, sound director, state director, and so on and so forth. The plan that the grips have constructed will be implemented on the day the shoot will be settled. There are various gripping techniques including rigging cameras, laying track, fill lights, diffusion frames, and bouncing lights. Without the grips, there will be no successful major production.

Did you know who is Mark Vargo? If you heard his name, you might learn how does working with professional film crews actually feels. Vargo has been a part of some of the biggest Hollywood movies for over 30 years. He’s also a part of the movie Star Wars, The Patriot, White House Down, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a lot more.

Vargo established educational contents by providing informative documentary. He’s first documentary is entitled “Let There Be Light” which is a great tutorial for every film operators who are new in lightning for cinemas. His next piece is called metering light and exposing properly. His recent documentary is all about the grip department which is more on appreciation rather that giving instructions.

Vargo’s documentary regarding “grips” will let you realize how essential a grip is in every film project. Most of the time, grips are considered the low level workers when it comes to film set. But, little did they know that grips are actually doing a huge part for a film to be successful. Not anyone can operate rigging cameras and lightning equipments. Only fee knows how to layout and manipulate lights in every way it is possible. With this, you can literally imagine how grips are highly involve in the technicalities of a film set. Not to mention that grips are usually in-charged of the most important task on every technical issue on a film set. When a very important equipment suddenly gets broken, grips are most likely to solve this problem. This is because they have the technical knowledge that other crews do not have. Another thing is when the ray of the sun disappear out of a sudden while shooting, grips can modify the lights that will serve as a substitute sunlight.

The grips are the unsung heroes of every film set. Although, you cannot hear their names as often as the casts, their role are fundamentally important and a movie will never be as successful as it is without the grips who do their job accordingly.

Do Movie Theaters Still Use Projectors?

Do Movie Theaters Still Use Projectors?

When you go to movie theatres today, you will see that the big and widescreen is still there. It’s always the same old large screen where a bright light containing a particular movie is flashed from the back end of the theatre. What is that device? You might be thinking are they still using that old 35 mm film reel, rolling at the back of the theatre and projecting it to the widescreen? Do they still use projectors in movie theatres today?

It’s a thing in the past

If you have watched the latest movie on theatres, you will see that there is still a projection device used to project the entire film on the big screen in front. However, it is not the same kind of projector that uses a film reel where you need to roll it. There are no more 35 mm films on theatres today. It’s already a thing in the past. As years pass by, the projection system of movie theatres has become digital.

So what are they using right now?

As movie theatres upgrade their system, they shift from film projecting to a different kind of projection device. Digital projectors that projects movies from a magnetic hard drive were used on many theatre chains from different parts of the world. It is more compact, and there is no need to change film strip rolls if the film is too long.

From digital projection, it has shifted to an LED screen system developed by Samsung Electronics last 2017. LED screens for movie theatres do not use a DLP or digital light projection. But most of the cinemas today are still using digital projection because it accommodates a huge space for big theatres.

What about its quality?

DLP and LED screen movies are on high definition playback through laser projection, blue rays, and other latest DLP systems. Therefore the appearance of movies on screen is much clearer and smoother. Because of its HD graphics, it can accommodate action-packed films, sci-fi, and fantasy films that have lots of special effects.

The sound quality is enhanced by digital sound technology like DOLBY digital. Moviegoers can experience enhance high-quality surround sound within the theatre, creating precise sound effects related to a particular movie scene. So you will hear the sound of the jet plane flying across the sky like its flying across the movie theatre hall. Therefore, we now have a better movie experience nowadays.

How New Releases End Up Available Online

How New Releases End Up Available Online

People who love watching movies will always look for the latest releases of each filmmaker. They find ways in how to acquire a copy of it. Some search for it the internet to see if there is new streaming for it. They check if in case there is availability if it is compatible with their phones or laptops. People try to learn how they can download it and what specifications it needs to be downloaded to their gadgets.

The new releases of movies or film strips can either be downloaded or purchased from legal streamers for a price. People who can afford to buy will take the version of the release for downloading from either Netflix or Iflix. These are the legal streamers authorized by law for copyright. There are some releases that just the right amount to be paid up by subscribers but there are some that are a bit pricy which depend on the kind of film.

All new releases that had acquired awards are the ones with higher prices when requested from streamers. It is because the film is worth the price that they have paid. Those who purchased from the streamers can now view the film as good as watching them in theatres. They can view at the comfort of their time and their homes.

It can also be downloaded through online streamers for the mobile version. It can be downloaded as long as the phone specifications meet the need for the download to be made. It should have enough phone internal memory to be able to save and record the movie or film strip. People can now enjoy the movie release everywhere they go. 

It is recommended that people check the streaming websites that offer the release of these films. They should check if the film to be downloaded is legit. They should check if the website is asking too much information on the purchase to be made for the download. This is to avoid any fraud to happen during the transaction.

Check the reviews of the website. See what other people say about them. People who made the reviews will give their comments and recommendations for the download. These serve as a guide for all movie fans and streamers alike. It is made to get the most fun for watching the favourite movies and having the peace of mind of watching a legitimately downloaded copy of the streamed release of the film.