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These are made out of the dried leaves smashed into the boiling water

Beverages and its types

We all understand what is beverage i.e. a liquid chemical which most of us consume. Drinks play an essential role in our daily life. Like we consume lots of water, which is great for health. There are lots of types of drinks such as – soft beverages, fresh juice, alcohol, hot drinks etc..

1. Soft drinks
These are the beverages, which include carbonated water, or an artificial sweetener. There are a number of types of soft drinks that people consume in our daily life such as coke, Pepsi, mountain dew, 7up etc., the soft drinks are non-alcoholic and since the Americans were addicted to alcohols they had been replaced as a way to stop them from consuming alcohol.

2. Hot drinks
The beverages, which can be served hot, are regarded as hot drinks. There are many types of hot beverages like milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc..

• Milk
Milks have more proteins and fat, which are awarded female mammals.
• Tea
Tea may be had using with the milk or using the water. There are some herbal teas like tulsi tea, ice tea, red tea detox and a lot more.
• Coffee –
Coffees are made with the roasted or the ground bean seeds out of a tropical tree.

3. Alcohol
Alcohol is a drug, that can be found in beverages like wine, beer, vodka, whisky etc. consuming alcohol
Results in slow speech, slow response, unsteady thoughts etc.. Though consumption of having alcohol is
Injuries to health, using delicate alcohol reduces the chance of having heart disease for example with a red
Wine or one peg is good for heart, a small vodka makes your skin etc..

4. Fresh juice-
The juice is made using the fruits or veggies, which are fresh. When we have more fresh juice we get more fibre, which supports using a excellent bacterial growth, and they’re antioxidant also. They give us natural sugars plus they hydrate our body frequently.

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