Do Movie Theaters Still Use Projectors?

Do Movie Theaters Still Use Projectors?

When you go to movie theatres today, you will see that the big and widescreen is still there. It’s always the same old large screen where a bright light containing a particular movie is flashed from the back end of the theatre. What is that device? You might be thinking are they still using that old 35 mm film reel, rolling at the back of the theatre and projecting it to the widescreen? Do they still use projectors in movie theatres today?

It’s a thing in the past

If you have watched the latest movie on theatres, you will see that there is still a projection device used to project the entire film on the big screen in front. However, it is not the same kind of projector that uses a film reel where you need to roll it. There are no more 35 mm films on theatres today. It’s already a thing in the past. As years pass by, the projection system of movie theatres has become digital.

So what are they using right now?

As movie theatres upgrade their system, they shift from film projecting to a different kind of projection device. Digital projectors that projects movies from a magnetic hard drive were used on many theatre chains from different parts of the world. It is more compact, and there is no need to change film strip rolls if the film is too long.

From digital projection, it has shifted to an LED screen system developed by Samsung Electronics last 2017. LED screens for movie theatres do not use a DLP or digital light projection. But most of the cinemas today are still using digital projection because it accommodates a huge space for big theatres.

What about its quality?

DLP and LED screen movies are on high definition playback through laser projection, blue rays, and other latest DLP systems. Therefore the appearance of movies on screen is much clearer and smoother. Because of its HD graphics, it can accommodate action-packed films, sci-fi, and fantasy films that have lots of special effects.

The sound quality is enhanced by digital sound technology like DOLBY digital. Moviegoers can experience enhance high-quality surround sound within the theatre, creating precise sound effects related to a particular movie scene. So you will hear the sound of the jet plane flying across the sky like its flying across the movie theatre hall. Therefore, we now have a better movie experience nowadays.

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