Unsung Heroes On A Movie Set: The Grips

Unsung Heroes On A Movie Set: The Grips

There are numerous film projects and movies who just rely on the skills and expertise of the unsung heroes of a movie, the grips. In this article, you will find out why unsung heroes are so essential on a film set. To make it more clear, here is the exact definition of the “grips”.

What is a Grip?

A grip works with the camera operators and electrical department while designing the plan for every set.  Meanwhile, the key grip works with the directors such as photography director, light director, sound director, state director, and so on and so forth. The plan that the grips have constructed will be implemented on the day the shoot will be settled. There are various gripping techniques including rigging cameras, laying track, fill lights, diffusion frames, and bouncing lights. Without the grips, there will be no successful major production.

Did you know who is Mark Vargo? If you heard his name, you might learn how does working with professional film crews actually feels. Vargo has been a part of some of the biggest Hollywood movies for over 30 years. He’s also a part of the movie Star Wars, The Patriot, White House Down, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a lot more.

Vargo established educational contents by providing informative documentary. He’s first documentary is entitled “Let There Be Light” which is a great tutorial for every film operators who are new in lightning for cinemas. His next piece is called metering light and exposing properly. His recent documentary is all about the grip department which is more on appreciation rather that giving instructions.

Vargo’s documentary regarding “grips” will let you realize how essential a grip is in every film project. Most of the time, grips are considered the low level workers when it comes to film set. But, little did they know that grips are actually doing a huge part for a film to be successful. Not anyone can operate rigging cameras and lightning equipments. Only fee knows how to layout and manipulate lights in every way it is possible. With this, you can literally imagine how grips are highly involve in the technicalities of a film set. Not to mention that grips are usually in-charged of the most important task on every technical issue on a film set. When a very important equipment suddenly gets broken, grips are most likely to solve this problem. This is because they have the technical knowledge that other crews do not have. Another thing is when the ray of the sun disappear out of a sudden while shooting, grips can modify the lights that will serve as a substitute sunlight.

The grips are the unsung heroes of every film set. Although, you cannot hear their names as often as the casts, their role are fundamentally important and a movie will never be as successful as it is without the grips who do their job accordingly.

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