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How Many Batman Movies Have There Been?

How Many Batman Movies Have There Been?

Today, one of the most famous genres that people love to spend time with is fictional adventures, action and fantasy where superheroes are usually the main character of the movie.

One of the most successful superhero movies is Batman. It appeared in published American comic books and various films since then. Throughout the years, because of the people who accept and embrace the movie directors and producers were inspired to continue making sequels and even another story about the superhero.

There have been 11 films in theaters that have something to do with the superhero character. The following movie titles are listed below with its corresponding year of release and era. And also to show you what is the correct order when planning to watch the movie. Note that the list only contains the movies; it doesn’t include those animated theatrical films.

1. 1960s

1.a Batman (1966)

 It was directed by Leslie H. Martinson with Adam West as the main superhero character.

2. Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher series

2.1 Batman (1989)

In this movie, Tim Burton was the director and the main character was played by Michael Keaton. The film was greatly known by having $400 million of its box office and left the world with a legacy of superhero films.

2.2 Batman Returns (1992)

It is still directed by Tim Burton, and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. The film earned a total of $266.83 million box office making it in sixth-highest worldwide last 1992.

2.3 Batman Forever (1995)

It is directed by Joel Schumacher and with a new Bruce Wayne character which is Val Kilmer.

2.4 Batman and Robin (1997)

Val Kilmer was replaced by George Clooney and was still directed by Joel Schumacher.

3. The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012)

3.1 Batman Begins (2005)

It is directed by Christopher Nolan and starred Christian Bale as the protagonist.

3.2 The Dark Knight (2008)

Christopher Nolan continued his role as the director and still Christian Bale as Batman.

3.3 The Dark Knight Rises ( 2012)

This is the movie that completes Nolan’s trilogy.

4. DC Extended Universe (2016-present)

4.1 Batman vs. Superman (2016)

This movie is after the 2013’s Man of Steel and was directed by Zack Snyder. The superhero role was played by Ben Affleck.

4.2 Suicide Squad (2016)

It is also an American superhero film where Ben Affleck appears as Bruce Wayne.

4.3 Justice League (2017)

It is a comic superhero team of the same names and was made into a movie with Zack Snyder as the director.