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Hey Kids!  Check this out!!  The “Swamp Shop” is now open in “Gatorland”.  Right now, you can win a chance to visit the “Swamp Shop”. All you have to do is come each week to Sunday School, learn your memory verses, bring your Bible and bring a friend, and you can win points to visit the new “Swamp Shop”!(Scroll down to learn more about our “Gatorland”.

Children’s Ministries

In Matthew 5:6 Jesus says; Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after rightiousness; for they shall be filled.  Here at Southgate Free Will Baptist Church, we believe that creating a hunger and thirst for righteousness in a child’s heart will make a great impact on their lives.

Our goal through the children’s ministries is that we will see children come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.  We realize that our responsibility is to train them and teach them in the ways of the Lord.  Our teachers take their call very seriously and are trained to recognize the special needs of each child.  They understand that “to love to teach is one thing”, “to love those you teach is quite another”.

At Southgate Free Will Baptist Church, we send all of our teachers to attend annual Teacher Training Conferences that allow them to keep up-to-date with the best teaching materials and supply fresh ideas for making learning fun and exciting for your children.

We can guarantee that each time your child comes to our church they will be taught the Word of God.  We can assure you that we will do our best to meet your child’s individual needs.  In order to do so, we have many programs designed for your child beginning with the little ones:


Our children are learning to serve others and find the true JOY of life.  JESUS, first; OTHERS, second; and YOURSELF, last.

This Christmas, as a service project, one of our children’s Sunday School classes made baskets and went caroling to a few of our Seasoned Seniors.


Our nursery is designed for your baby(s) from birth up to two years of age.  It is staffed at all times by qualified members who will be ready to assist you with the care of your precious little one(s).  In order to better serve you, we ask that you fill out a visitors card to help us understand any special needs your baby(s) may have.

To make his/her visit with us the best that it can be, we ask that you bring any special items of comfort along with you, such as their favorite blankie or stuffed animal.  In the event that your child is having a difficult time, we will send one of the workers up to the sanctuary to inform you and ask you to come downstairs.

Sunday School:

At Southgate Free Will Baptist Church, we offer classes, by grade, for all children.  These classes are taught by individuals who invest their time and energy studying the Word of God.  They come with each lesson carefully prepared with crafts and games to make each Sunday School class fun and exciting.

Children’s Church:

Three children’s churches are provided during the morning worship hour:

The Beginners Church:  (1 to 3 year olds), the Primary Church: (4 to 5 year olds), and the Junior Church: (1st through 5th grade).

Junior Church children (1st through 5th grade) are known as the


God’s Active Team OReady Servants.  Children come to visit our Gatorland Bible Hour in our activities building each Sunday at 10:45 a.m.  At Gatorland they will have a special time of singing to lift their voices and hearts to the Lord in worship.  Game time will follow which encourages each child to participate in team building exercises.  Then they will settle down and relax at the Gator Gospel tent for a lesson from God’s word.  We also plan quarterly “Gator Gatherings” with plenty of fun for everyone.  Check our calendar for dates and times.  Hope you decide to come visit Gatorland for yourself.  See you later Gator!

Try out this website kids, it a great way to have a daily devotion with God:

The South Gate Church